Price. Selection. Value. There’s Only Valley Mason!

Price. Selection. Value.

There’s Only Valley Mason!

Homeowner Supplies

From artificial grass to wood pellets, Valley Mason has all the items to get your job done. Visit us and see for yourself the wide array of items in our showroom, our knowledgeable staff will gladly show you the right product for your project.

We have listed a few here, many more are available or can be special order.

  • Tools and related hardware items
  • Paver and Stone Cleaning Supplies
  • Paver and Stone Sealants
  • Masonry Hand Tools
  • Landscape Fabrics
  • Propane Tank Refills
  • Water Softener Salt
  • Quickcrete Products
  • Hamer’s Premium Wood Pellets (free delivery)
  • Rock Salt & Calcium Ice Control
  • Grass Seed & Seed Aide
  • Cedar Mulch (bagged)
  • Decorative Stone (bagged)
  • Top Soil
  • Firewood
SRW Paver Seal
Alliance XP Glue
SRW Paver Clean
Hammer's Pellet Bag
Grass seed
decorative stone
Ox Masonry Equipment

Pavers & Wall Stone Sale!

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How to Build an Interlocking Retaining Wall

Strong, stylish and without mortar!

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Starting a project, looking for pricing or product information?